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Spend your time and budget attracting just executive candidates

Top-Execs is focussed solely on executive job candidates, unlike the other generalist jobboards and aggregators. We therefore spend less of your budget and time on irrelevant and inexperienced applications. The executive profession pays well and without a niche board's executive candidate focus your job can attract a lot of inappropriate candidates.

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By posting a premium job advert with us your job advert will be automatically displayed in the top positions of relevant job listings.

This allows your job:

  • to get maximum exposure to our executive jobseeker audience
  • be included in all of our relevant daily job by email alerts

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Control your budget and exposure

Internet advertising can often deliver nasty shocks with adverts running out of budget in the first hour or sudden inexplicable cost increases. With us, 28 days of full exposure for £199 means exactly that: 28 days of full exposure for £199. There'll be no calls from the account manager after just 5 days to tell you that the budget has run out.

In addition, our premium job posters can edit their job at any time without incurring additional penalties or needing to buy more credits. So if your first advert has delivered after just 14 days you can run another without the need for new budget.

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